Mares Rover Octopus




Made from techno-polymer material, the Mares Rover Techno Polymer Octopus comes with a soft cover that helps push purge button. With downstream reliable valve design, the 2nd Stage offers uniquely patented VAD system. With air bypass pipe releases air towards the mouthpiece producing a whirling vortex along with the low pressure zone. It keeps the direction of diaphragm downwards during breathing. The Mares Rover Techno Polymer Octopus is perfect for easy inhalation at almost all depths. For water outflow and inflow, the “mesh grid” new system improves your diving performance.

Technical Specs:

Durable & Sturdy
Superior Abrasion-Resistant
Techno-Polymer Soft Case
Yellow Hi-Viz Hose & Cover
VAD (Vortex Assisted Design)
Mesh Breathable Grid Cover
FDR (Fluid Dynamic Reflector)
Downstream Valve
3/8″ Threaded 39.4″/100cm Hose