Mares Ultra 72X Regulator




Mares Ultra regulator is made from ultralight technopolymer, offering high air flow and a Twin Power system. This is combined with the great 72X first stage, ideal for all tech and recreational diving configurations!

1st Stage Features

4 Vertical And 4 Radial Lp Ports (Pat. Pending)
Ideal For All Tech And Recreational Diving Configurations
Natural Dfc On All Lp Ports
Pre-Oriented Hp Ports
Ast – 1St Stage Dry System
Pearl Chrome Finish
Compact Dimensions
2nd Stage Features

Twin Power System
High Air Flow
Ultralight Technopolymer
Wide Pivoting Purge Button
Superflex Hose
Achieved En250 Work Of Breathing Requirements At The Depth Of 200 M At A Breathing Rate Of 62,5 L/Min While Using A Breathing Mix Of 6,7% Oxygen, 83,3% Helium And 10% Nitrogen. This Gas Mixture Has A Density At 200M Equivalent To The Density Of Air At 50 M
Certified Performance At 200 M, Proven Technology At 400 M