Open Water Diver Course w/ Classroom Learning




This is our entry-level Scuba certification. It qualifies divers to make dives up to 60 feet. The traditional group version of the course done at our location, takes one week, and includes classroom sessions, pool sessions and four open-water dives. Upon completion, you will be certified to dive anywhere in the world. We also conduct private, semi-private, and family classes on a flexible schedule. Contact us for details.

Our Open Water certification course is divided into three parts and you have the option of selecting Classroom or Online Home Study to begin.

1. Classroom: In the classroom we’ll discuss safe diving practices, dive planning, and some diving theory. The fun interactive sessions are based at your study pace. Prior to the first meeting of class, you will pick up a textbook to read and answer a few simple questions. This must be completed prior to the first classroom session. The class will meet twice for approximately four hours each to review the study material and to test.

2. Pool: The class will participate in 8 hours of in-pool training over two days. This allows you to learn the required Scuba skills and to become familiar with Scuba gear.

3. Open Water: We will conduct four open water dives over two days at a local site in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. These are usually conducted over one weekend. Once completed, you are certified for a lifetime of adventure. Prerequisites: None. Minimum age is 10.