SSI Advanced Open Water Diver Bundle


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What’s better than savings? Saving money and also completing your SSI Advanced Certification.  Four specialty courses must be completed to satisfy the requirements. The typical cost would be well over $650, but we are offering it for $599*. You get to pick from a list of five courses; Limited Visibility at Night, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Search and Recovery, Navigation, and Nitrox (Enriched Air). Each of these will be offered twice throughout the next few months if you miss the class the first time around.



+Peak Performance Buoyancy

+Limited Visibility at Night


+Search & Recovery

+Wreck Diving (July 4th Weekend Only)

+Photo & Video

+Deep Diving (Can’t be at Scuba Ranch)

+Equipment Techniques

+Full Face Mask

+Spearfishing Level 1

+Spearfishing Level 2


Already have some of these but still, need a few more? We will also be offering a bundle of two for $299*.

*You may encounter additional costs such as renting gear and lake entrance fees. The $599 only covers class materials and instructor costs.